Why Join Golden Key

Think of the Possibilities

At Golden Key International Honour Society, we share your vision for a life of promise; a chance to shape the world and a commitment to excellence. We offer a sense of fellowship within the Society’s three pillars of Academics, Leadership and Service, and are dedicated to personal, professional and altruistic achievement. We share your values and offer a continuum of possibilities to unlock your potential. When you join Golden Key, you become part of an esteemed legacy like no other.


Unlock Your Potential
College Graduation


Golden Key believes in rewarding our members for their achievements in Academics, Leadership and Service. Since its inception, Golden Key has awarded more than $10 million in scholarships and grants to members and alumni in different fields around the world, and we now offer over half a million dollars in scholarships annually. These awards allow our members to continue their education in ways they never thought possible. Learn more.

Student Collaboration

Jobs and Internships

Golden Key understands that professional success requires more than academic achievement. Through its corporate partners, the Society has connections to jobs and internships that provide the hands-on experience you need to further your professional development. Learn more.

Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs take education outside of the classroom, broadening your horizons and offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences for cultural immersion. Golden Key members can take advantage of study abroad opportunities all over the world—from Argentina and Egypt to Japan and Australia—and apply for scholarships to make it financially possible. Learn more.


One of the three pillars that Golden Key is based on, academics is a large part of members’ lives. When you are accepted into the Society, you are being recognized for being in the top 15% of your class. We’ll continue to celebrate your academic achievements throughout your membership. Learn more.

Running Hallway


With a commitment to making a difference in their communities and the world at large, Golden Key members are natural leaders. The Society offers a number of ways for you to enhance and practice your leadership skills, including workshops and seminars, Regional and International Summits and officer positions. Learn more.



Life is all about connections. When you join Golden Key, you are automatically connected to an ever-expanding community of individuals with a network of opportunities. This includes relationship-building at the chapter level and at Regional and International Summits, as well as online connections with members, advisors and alumni around the world. Learn more.