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Honor Society Scholarships for Academics, Leadership & Service


Professor Jeff Johnston Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship assists members who are going to participate in a study abroad program at the Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy. With the global economy in today’s world, Golden Key feels it is crucial for members to have education-based study abroad experiences.

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Good things come when you join GOLD

Golden Key Partners ? Golden Key Members We’ve joined with some amazing partners that believe in you. Our Member Benefits Partners are the cream of the crop: Bank of America. GEICO. ISLP. The Intern Group, Dream Careers and These generous partners have hand-picked a

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Golden Key Scholarships in 2020

Get that scholarship in 2020! If you’re not a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, you’re missing out—big time. We recently have a wide range of scholarships on offer – and all members are eligible to apply in 2020! This is one of

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