Golden Key Advisor Professional Development Grant

Golden Key Advisor Professional Development Grant
available Worldwide for Everyone


This grant allows currently active Golden Key chapter advisors the ability to attend professional development conferences or pursue research within their academic disciplines.  Additionally, this grant may be used to attend Golden Key conferences.

$1,000.00 USD



Number of Awards

06/23/2020 11:59pm PCT



Only currently active Golden Key advisors are eligible to apply.

Application Requirements:

  1. A personal statement of no more than 3 pages discussing your professional interests and a description/listing of your involvement in your Golden Key chapter.
  2. A summary of your résumé or curriculum vitae (CV).
  3. A budget for grant request.
  4. A recommendation submitted online from one of your Golden Key chapter officers or a Golden Key Headquarter’s staff member.

NEED HELP? – For any help applying for this program, contact us. All application documents are uploaded online with the exception of a Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV). Only PDF documents can be uploaded. To save a document as a PDF, you can use a free online tool at


Emphasis will be placed on dedication and involvement to Golden Key, professional interests, and use of funds and recommendation from local chapter members or a Golden Key Headquarter’s staff member.

Program Key: GKAdvisorJune

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