Oasis Group Holdings (Pty) Limited is a South African holding company to a financial services group of companies that specialise in investment management and fund administration. Oasis Group Holdings (Pty) Limited is driven by its internal stakeholders, dedicated management and  multi-skilled staff. Oasis Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd. is also responsible for the fund management of institutional investment and retirement portfolios that are managed for Governments, parastatals, multinationals, private companies, collective investment schemes, multi-managers, high-net worth individuals, non-governmental benefit foundations and charitable trusts.

Golden Key members are sourced and selected for internships and job opportunities and the South African Golden Key Office communicate such opportunities to its members. For more information on career opportunities – click here

Quote from Mr Adam Ebrahim, CEO:

"Oasis shares an illustrious relationship with each of these academic  institutions and we have many staff members who hail from these bastions of educational excellence. As a leader in wealth management in South Africa, Oasis recognises that it needs to create a sound platform for many talented individuals who want to grow and develop their future, not only for themselves but that of our community and nation if we are to remain a powerhouse on the Africa continent and global landscape. Collaborating with the Golden Key Society is one of the ways in which Oasis wants to ensure it harnesses and gives expression to the energy, ideas, enthusiasm and brilliance of our younger generation to ensure that deserving and hardworking individuals are given opportunities to develop, grow and lead."