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Golden Key Asia-Pacific chapter leaders click HERE to access the Leadership Training Program.


To enable members to realise their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and service.

Wondered what an executive committee is, how an organisation or board may run?
Have you ever wanted to have your say in how your grassroots committee runs?
Are you looking at ways to have an impact on your campus?
Interested in community service?
Are you looking to strengthen your CV? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should run for a student leadership position on the executive committee of your local university Golden Key chapter!

Positions include – President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Social Director, Community Service Director and many more. Even if you can only dedicate a little time your support for your local chapter committee this would be appreciated. All chapter member students and alumni are welcome to attend and stand for election which happens at an AGM (Annual General Meeting).


Why become a student leader?

Some of the most important lessons from university are learned outside the classroom. Taking on responsibility as a student leader helps foster valuable organisational, communication, and teamwork skills. You’ll be part of a team that will stand out from other students as you make an impact on campus through events and initiatives that your group plans and implements. These initiatives will focus on academics, leadership and service and you will be supported by Golden Key and your local chapter (Student committee).

Golden Key is a student-led organisation on-campus.

The Leadership Training Program for executive committee members consists of three components:

  • Online Leadership Training Program
  • Face-to-face webinars
  • On-going support

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We need members like you to carry on the great work of talented students and have a real impact at your chapter. The Golden Key Leadership Training Program is an integral part of its mission to help members.

The student chapter executive welcomes any participation from new members and is available for any information new members may require.

Learn more about Golden Key’s on campus initiatives relating to Academics, Leadership and Service.

The Executive Committee provides leadership opportunities, career events and community service activities on campus. Information about the next AGM (Annual General Meeting) for local chapters are notified to members after the New Member Reception.

Golden Key Asia-Pacific chapter leaders click HERE to access the Leadership Training Program.