Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack

Golden Key's Pillar of Leadership

All over the world Golden Key members are reaching out, making plans; changing lives. You speak and people listen; you lead and people follow. Wherever you go, Golden Key is with you, offering opportunities to further develop your leadership skills and work with others with similar purpose and goals.

Tools for the Best

As Golden Key members, you may elect to enhance your leadership skills by becoming a chapter, regional or international officer; attending Society-sponsored seminars, workshops and events; and utilizing free tools like the On-Demand Training Library. As respected members of society, you can take advantage of a wealth of knowledge and opportunities for advancement.

Become an Officer

Become an Officer

Members can put their leadership skills into practice by becoming Golden Key officers and serving the Society at the chapter, regional and international levels. Officers lead meetings and organize events, as well as work with other members on an individual basis. Check with your chapter to find open positions.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Golden Key members are proven high-achievers in the academic world. To ensure this success is continued in the professional world, the Society offers seminars, workshops, tips and tools for learning new skills and enhancing your professional abilities. Learn more about upcoming international and regional events that enable professional development.

OnDemand Training Library

Video Training Library

The Society has a Video Training Library, full of tips and instructional videos to help you improve your leadership and communication skills. Access the Training Library.


Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership is an international nonprofit whose mission is to advance the awareness, understanding and practice of servant leadership by individuals and organizations. Learn more.


Asia-Pacific Members - Leadership Opportunities

Golden Key Asia-Pacific offers members various tools to enhance their leadership and enrich their skills.

GK-Money 101-214

Money 101 management tools

Golden Key’s financial education program powered by Money101 ®. This program will help you develop your personal financial literacy skills across a range of topics to enable you to confidently plan for your future and achieve financial freedom. Learn more.


Leadership Training Program

Some of the most important lessons from university are learned outside the classroom. Taking on responsibility as a student leader helps foster valuable organisational, communication, and teamwork skills. You’ll be part of a team that will stand out from other students as you make an impact on campus through events and initiatives that your group plans and implements.