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Research Assistant/Data Scientist (Part-Time) 

Overview Instructional Connections, LLC., is seeking a part-time individual to assist with ongoing research
 projects with our partner universities. The research assistant may be assigned to one or more research tasks. 
These tasks are related to our research projects; such as statistical analysis, the collection of data, the 
eiting of a journal article manuscript, or other activities and are associated with the investigation and 
dissemination of knowledge. The successful candidate will be required to fulfill the following duties and 
responsibilities outlined below. The list is representative of the duties and responsibilities, but this 
list is not all-inclusive, and tasks may vary:
• Assist with academic research 
• Assists in conducting literature reviews 
• Collect and analyze data 
• Summarize statistical results 
• Assist with the editing and preparation of manuscripts 
• Prepare progress reports on statistical analysis for supervisor/principal investigator 
• Attend project meetings regularly to discuss research assignments 
• May assist in the acquisition of research materials with institutions as directed and approved by 

Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned. Duties and responsibilities are subject to modification 
at the discretion of the supervisor.  Research assistants are not expected  to perform tasks either academic 
or non-academic that are not related to the particular research project(s) to which they are assigned. 


Minimum Requirements

• Some hours achieved toward master’s degree, or hold a master’s degree or higher, and completed statistics and research

   courses with grade of B or higher.

• Academic and/or work experience related to the field of research.

• Experience with specialized software (such as SPSS or other) and datasets.

• Satisfactory academic progress. 


The successful candidate will receive a stipend of $500 per month and will be considered a contract worker. 

To apply, send letter of interest, resume/CV and transcripts to: 

Dr. Harriet Watkins Chief Academic Officer