In Pursuit of Knowledge

In Pursuit of Knowledge

Golden Key's Pillar of Academics

Golden Key members are more than good students; we are scholars. We believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives and change situations for the better. We enjoy academic challenges and strive for excellence in our fields. We are not bookish; we are learned.


We See You

Since it was established, Golden Key has recognized more than 12 million undergraduate and graduate students for their intellectual achievements. In addition, our Society has awarded $10 million in scholarships and awards to members in all fields of study.

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Study Abroad

Honoring a desire for learning that extends beyond the traditional classroom, Golden Key makes it easy for our members to study abroad. The Society offers financial assistance, as well as a plethora of unique opportunities to travel while earning credits toward your degree. Golden Key’s study abroad programs offer cultural immersion and the experience of a lifetime. Learn more.

Elementary School

Jobs & Internships

Golden Key recognizes that the pursuit of knowledge is only one aspect of a college education, and believes in connecting its members with opportunities for a hands-on, experiential learning environment. Members have lifelong access to the Society’s jobs and internships listings and a network of like-minded alumni in their fields. Learn more.

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Scholarships + Awards + Grants

Golden Key believes in rewarding members for their academic accomplishments, as well as leadership and service efforts. Over half a million dollars in member-only scholarships, awards and grants are awarded each year. These funds allow members to further their knowledge in specific fields of study and advance the understanding of a subject with cutting-edge research. Learn more.


Graduate School Opportunities

Grad school is a natural next step for many Golden Key members, as they continue their studies, pursuing more advanced degrees before making their mark on the world, or return later in life with a craving for the intellectual discourse found at universities and colleges around the world. Golden Key celebrates this dedication to education, offering unique access to graduate schools and over $300,000 in graduate school scholarships each year. Learn more.