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10.01.19 Golden Key Spotlight: Monique Falucho

Like many college students, Monique Falucho had never heard of the Golden Key International Honour Society when she came to Cal State San Marcos. Now she can hardly imagine her collegiate life without it. Already the president of the campus chapter of the honor society, Monique added a second, [...]

10.01.19 Golden Key Spotlights: Aniquah Zowmi, Carly Baxter and Yaeesh Sardiwella

Golden Key means something a little different to each of our two million (and counting!) members. For some, it’s about much deserved and hard-earned recognition. For others, it’s about meeting new people, attending events, seeing the world, and being part of something bigger. We lov[...]

09.30.19 Golden Key Alumni: Share your story

With more than two million members around the world, Golden Key is proud to be associated with and supporting people at all different stages of their educational and professional journeys. Membership with Golden Key is for life, and we’re passionate about continuing to grow with you, whic[...]

09.26.19 Why you should sign up for our Virtual Grad School Fair

Choosing to attend grad school is one of the biggest decisions of your education–and it can make all the difference to your future career and life direction. But there are so many options and opportunities to choose from, so we’re not surprised if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. T[...]

09.20.19 20 reasons to study abroad in 2020

Thinking about taking some time out next year to do a semester abroad? Spending some time overseas comes with a whole range of benefits and can help you to gain perspective about your future before you make big decisions about further study or your career. Many Golden Key members have have stud[...]

09.19.19 Golden Key Spotlights: Edward Donato, Jessica Cathcart and Kiran Dhillon

We’re proud to have more than two million amazing members of Golden Key around the world, and we love hearing and sharing the stories of why each person joined and what they’ve gained from their time with us. Here we share the stories of three inspiring members… Edward Donato [...]

09.16.19 12 great study tips for the new school year

Now is the time to break out of your same-old homework habits. Try these study tips and get the brain boost you need for back to school. 1. You don’t need ONE study space.  A well-stocked desk in a quiet place at home is key, but sometimes you need variety. Coffee shops, libraries, parks, [...]

09.10.19 Golden Key Spotlight: Our members explain why you should join

Have you been thinking about joining Golden Key but not sure whether it’s right for you? If you’re high achieving, passionate, hard-working–and want to connect with people like you, then Golden Key is definitely the honor society for you. We have more than two million amazing member[...]

09.10.19 Golden Key Spotlight: Meet some of our members

We talk a lot about our amazing members, and how proud we are to have a network of more than two million passionate, hard-working and high-achieving students and professionals linked together across the globe. But who exactly are our members and what do they do? Our Spotlight series is designed[...]

09.09.19 Why your personal brand is really what matters

As a young professional in today’s competitive job market, developing your personal brand is an essential step in any successful job hunt. Regardless of your career field or background, your personal brand is something that will help you beyond even interviews and applications. A personal brand[...]