Lean On Me

Golden Key Advisors and Officers

Like award-winning novelist Mitch Albom, author of bestseller "Tuesdays with Morrie", and his now famed professor Morrie Schwartz, even the most successful people have a mentor. Every Golden Key member can count on the support and service of our Society advisors and officers. This international network of volunteers actively embraces the three pillars—academics, leadership and service—and selflessly donates their time and talents to bettering the lives of our members and the communities they live in.



Stay Connected

Golden Key has a rich network of advisors, officers, members and alumni that serve as a resource for ideas, advice, mentorship and guidance. Stay connected by checking the website often and updating your profile so other members can get in touch. Take advantage of the opportunity to network through Golden Key's social networking pages - Facebook and Twitter.


Regional Awards

Our advisors and officers deserve to be recognized for all they have achieved. Given for outstanding leadership, these awards celebrate those who make Golden Key all that it is—and provide you with the financial assistance you need to excel. For more information on how to apply for Golden Key regional awards, click here.


Chapter Toolkit

Are you looking for resources to help your chapter function at a higher level?

USA/CA/ZA officers, use the chapter toolkit!
APAC (Asia-Pacific) officers, use the Leadership Training Portal!
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Check out the chapter toolkit for membership drive resources, chapter marketing resources, chapter operations resources and other leadership materials!

As always, contact your Associate Director/University Relations Officer for more help!