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World University Service Canada (WUSC) is an important student group on our campus with a focus of helping youth and students in developing and war torn global populations.  Each year, WUSC sponsors students to come to Canada and enroll at our university. Their community events raise money for initiatives such as supporting the education of young girls in areas of the world where young girls are often overlooked by the education system. WUSC is also provided funding though a $5 tuition fee, per semester, from every student attending the University of Saskatchewan, which highlights their importance to our university.

Attending this meeting was WUSC chair, Makayla Helsip, and our co-president, Kevin Mollenhauer.  The goal was to discuss and agree upon forming a partnership between clubs.  As both parties had previously discussed this partnership with their respective executive teams and received direction regarding this partnership, a partnership agreement was able to be reached at this meeting. Moving forward both clubs will promote, attend and support (when possible), their respective partner club 's events and initiatives.

Upcoming service events were to be emailed between clubs where we were expecting to become involved in our supportive partnership in the coming weeks following this meeting.

All events were unfortunately put on hold due to the current pandemic. However, we hope to pick up where we left off as soon as can be done so safely, or modified to fit our current reality.


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Mar, 06 2020 02:00 PM

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Jun, 03 2020 03:00 PM

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