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Society Elections

Each year, Golden Key elects a body of volunteer student, advisor and alumni leaders to guide the Society in achieving our mission. These positions are crucial to the success of Golden Key and are an incredible way for members to develop leadership and communication skills.

The 2015 Society Election Results have been determined.

The International Leadership Council (ILC) President is Harriet Watkins. She will serve from 19 July 2015 – 19 July 2018.

All other positions will serve from 1 June 2015 – 31 May 2016. The results for these positions are:       

  • International Leadership Council (ILC) Student Member: Bradley Mason
  • Council of Advisors (CoA) representative for Asia-Pacific: Verity Greenwood 
  • CoA for Canada: Cathrine Foese-­‐Klassen    
  • CoA for US Region 2: Amanda Wilson
  • CoA for US Region 3: Michael Sanseviro    
  • CoA for US Region 8: Kathryn Clifford    
  • CoA for South Africa: Nicole Msomi    
  • Council of Student Members (CoSM) representative for Asia-Pacific: Timothy Ng
  • CoSM for Canada: Azin Zanganeh    
  • CoSM for US Region 1: Nicole Marte
  • CoSM for US Region 2: Jason Richards
  • CoSM for US Region 3: Kelvin Chavez
  • CoSM for US Region 4: Hunter Cregger
  • CoSM for US Region 5: Zenobia Bey
  • CoSM for US Region 6: Billy Gurr
  • CoSM for US Region 7: TBD (Bradley Mason was elected for this position. Individuals cannot serve on the Council of Student Members and the ILC simultaneously therefore a replacement will be named for the Region 7 CoSM position.) 
  • CoSM for US Region 8: Kellie Rollins
  • CoSM for South Africa: Gillian Bain    



For additional information, please email elections@goldenkey.org or visit the Golden Key Global Bylaws.