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Society Elections

Each year, Golden Key elects a body of volunteer student, advisor and alumni leaders to guide the Society in achieving our mission. These positions are crucial to the success of Golden Key and are an incredible way for members to develop leadership and communication skills.




The elections timeline is as follows:

  • 30 SEP - Application window opens, position descriptions posted to the website
  •  5 NOV - Application window closed
  • 18 NOV - Applications of eligible applicants posted to GK website for review by GK Voting Delegates
  • 21 and 22 NOV – Electronic ballots sent out to all voting delegates
  • 06 DEC - Polls close
  • 1 JUNE 2017 – New Terms Begin for all positions


Applications for curent elections - click on a candidates name to view their application:

Council of Student Members  (click here position description):

US Region 1                                                     

Victoria Pineyro                             

Juliette Levine                                                                     

US Region 2                                                            

Brandon Haskin 

US Region 3

Oksana Shabinevich

Wade Hill

Alexa Morrow

US Region 4

Derek Menzies

Michaela Matos

US Region 5                                              

Ri'Char ri Sancho                                            

Kathryn Daniels                                                           

US Region 6

Genesis De Leon

US Region 7

Mya Lee

Christopher Mai

US Region 8

Christina Smith

Asia Pacific                     Canada                         South Africa

Raymart Walker              Glen Lovie                   Ricardo Virgill Smart

                                                                               Patrick Mwanza


International Leadership Council Student Member  (click her for position description):

Kathryn Daniels              Jerry Yuan                   Leonora Berisha


International Leadership Council Vice President  (click here for position description):

Heather Medley               Nkateko Mathebula



For additional information, please email elections@goldenkey.org or visit the Golden Key Global Bylaws.


General Information

  • Official lists from GK or GK database cannot be used for campaigning
  • Members of GK Staff, BoD, CoA, CoSM and ILC cannot endorse candidate

For additional information, please email elections@goldenkey.org or visit the Golden Key Global Bylaws.