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Society Elections

Each year, Golden Key elects a body of volunteer student, advisor and alumni leaders to guide the Society in achieving our mission. These positions are crucial to the success of Golden Key and are an incredible way for members to develop leadership and communication skills.





Elected positions comprise the GK International Leadership Council (ILC), the Council of Advisors (CoA) and the Council of Student Members (CoSM). This year, the following positions are up for election:

  • ILC Secretary (3-year term, elected by GK Advisors)
  • ILC Student Member (1-year term, elected by GK Student Members)
  • ILC Alumni Member (3-year term, elected by GK Alumni)
  • CoA representatives for the following regions (US Region 1, US Region 4, US Region 5, US Region 6, US Region 7)
  • CoSM representatives for all regions (1-year term, elected by GK Student Members within each respective region)

The elections timeline is as follows:

  • 22 NOV - Application window closed
  • 7 DEC - Applications of eligible applicants posted to GK website for review by GK Voting Delegates
  • 7 DEC – Electronic ballots sent out to all voting delegates


Elections for Golden Key Leadership Positions
In order to further the Golden Key mission, the Society is now accepting applications for volunteer leadership positions. Please review the position descriptions below and follow the instructions within the position description document to apply. 


The deadline for submitting applications has passed.


The following elected offices are available:


International Leadership Council Secretary

         Position Description

         ILC Secretary Application Link


International Leadership Council Student Member        

            Position Description

            ILC Student Member Application Link

International Leadership Council Alumni Member          

            Position Description

            ILC Alumni Member Application Link

Council of Advisors

         Position Description

         Council of Advisors Application Link


  Council of Advisors positions available:

  • US Region 1
  • US Region 4
  • US Region 5
  • US Region 6
  • US Region 7


Council of Student Members

            Position Description

            Council of Student Members Application Link


Number of Council of Student Member positions available:

  • Asia-Pacific (1)
  • Canada (1)
  • South Africa (1)
  • US (8)

General Information

  • Official lists from GK or GK database cannot be used for campaigning
  • Members of GK Staff, BoD, CoA, CoSM and ILC cannot endorse candidate

For additional information, please email elections@goldenkey.org or visit the Golden Key Global Bylaws.