International Leadership Council

Golden Key’s Leadership Council is responsible for maintaining an innovative, collaborative environment where respect, character and diversity reign. The Council oversees the academic integrity of the Society, approves requests for chartering of chapters, and supervises all chapter activity for Golden Key members. It is our conscience.

  • Harriet Watkins, M.Ed.

    Harriet Watkins, M.Ed.

    Director of Online Learning

    The University of Arkansas System

  • Ryck Luthi

    Ryck Luthi

    Associate Director

    The University of Utah

  • Bradley Mason

    Bradley Mason

    Mississippi State University

    Student Member

  • Laura Molyneaux

    Laura Molyneaux

    University of Massachusetts Amherst
    Alumni Member

  • Dr. Linda L. Naimi

    Dr. Linda L. Naimi

    Associate Profesor and Attorney at Law

    Purdue University, College of Technology
    Vice President