Our Leadership

A United Nations of college students, advisors and alumni, Golden Key brings together ambitious, scholarly, community-minded people from all walks of life. Members make up their own melting pot -- each with a different background, history and culture.  Each contributes unique experiences and attributes to the spirit of the whole, and each has a different story to tell. Please use the menu to the left to view the members of each of our boards and councils.


Annual Report

Golden Key is a non-profit 501(c)3 Georgia-based company. The annual reports include Academic, Leadership and Service highlights from the year identified.  In addition, we recognize that our supporters both on our volunteer side (leadership positions are identified) and the partner side (grouped by contribution). An abridged version of our audited financials for the appropriate fiscal year is also included.

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Golden Key's bylaws govern how we maintain and operate Golden Key International Honour Society.  Our bylaws are a living document in the sense that we reference and use them routinely and, through use and application, amend them (in accordance with the bylaws) as necessary to ensure they truly capture how we maintain and operate the Society. We are proud that our bylaws are a benchmark of excellence for others, especially in terms of their integrity and global relevance. A current copy of the bylaws is always available here.

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