Honor Through Action

With a foundation of excellence in academics, leadership and service, Golden Key takes the belief that the power of knowledge has the ability to transform lives and change situations for the better. We want to harness the power of all of our members to come together to make a targeted and significant difference in their communities all over the world. To accomplish all of our goals, Golden Key has established Honor Through Action.

Honor Through Action is our campaign to tap the best and the brightest to put their collective weight behind the problem and its solution – bettering communities throughout the globe. The campaign does this by:

  • Offering more scholarships,
  • Launching an elite leadership development program, and
  • Establishing a global service initiative.

Your gift helps make all of these initiatives possible. Golden Key is a 501©3 organization.

All donations to Golden Key are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


Donor Wall of Honor

We’re proud to recognize our loyal members, friends and partners who generously support Golden Key with their financial gifts.

We're also proud to share that we have 100% giving from the Golden Key staff and Board of Directors.

The Golden Guild ($1,000)

Adnan Bokhari
Emily Costello
DataCore Mail Management, Ltd. 
Kevin Lyon
Anita Miller
Hal Miller
Steve Pracht
Wright Turf
Peter Veruki
Gary Weed

President's Circle ($500)

Selwyn Cornish
Jerry Sullivan
Harriet Watkins

Circle of Honor ($250)

Valerie Buchanan
Richard Goodall

Circle of Excellence ($100)

Taofeek Adediran Dan Morrissey
Dominick Barrett Anthony Rector
Joanne Davis Percetta Speight-Marrs
Neil Gold Jeffrey Sturm
Jennifer Greer Catherine Sykes
Johnny Hasselquist Janet Tarter
Mark Houghton Marsha Thomas
Jerry Hubbard Alvin Wagner

Circle of Loyalty ($50)

Mark Azzam David Largent
V Beth Gibbs Nithyanandam Mathiyazhagan
Annie Brock Angela Mensah
Mark Chapman David Nettles
Jennifer Chuang Eva Norton
Nancy Claflin Emmanuel Obasi
Mark Corneiro Tammy Roberts
Charlotte Davis Christine Seering
Pam Davis Garfield Sicard
George Fujioka Diana Snyder
Helen Gariepy Alexander Swantek
Vernal Garris Mary Tello
Hazel Hooker Karen Tomczak
Do Hyun Kim Rosemary Umana
Matthew Kroll Kymberli Winter
Tyson Kubie Jonelle Zachary

Circle of Support ($25)

Lizzy Anderson Ashley Gorham
Dianne Banoey Edward Green
Menachem Baron Tony Guzzo
Dominick Barrett Herlanda Hampton
Elizabeth Best Iris Hattersley
Wendell Bishop Cheryl Heard
Kevin Bosket Frederick Hornburg
Colleen Brown Kimberly Jackson
Angelique Browne Gertrude Jean Cross
Katie Bull Jonell Johnson
Bobbi Capps Suzanne Kaufman
Michael Cassidy Madeline L. Carpentiere
Alan Chan Lolita L. Mack
Kelvin Chavez Rojas Glen Lovie
Esther Choi Heather Lowry
Nkemakolam Chukwu Carmen Malouf Florek
Kathryn Clifford Viva McKenzie
Margaret Cropps Heather Medley
Jennifer D'Souza Ricki Moore
Kristalin Davis Joyce Morgan
Linda Dunbar Delores Mull
Sherwood Eldredge Denver Osborn
Chigozie Emeruem Reuben Quanbeck
David Eyth Christian Que
Carm Fazio Leslie Reese
Tiana Fernandez Debbie St. Germain
Joseph Finocchiaro Brigitte Strauss
Sheila Foley Stephanie Sullivan
Beverly Forbes Helen Thomas
Karl Gary Marina Tolmacheva
Richard Gerber Patricia Towal
Chrys Gerontides Esther White
Martos Giebitz Robert Williams
Stephanie Gordon Irina Younger

The 1977 Society ($19.77) 

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