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GK Scholarships: Svetlozar Miloshev

GK Scholarships: Svetlozar Miloshev

Golden Key is excited to introduce Svetlozar Miloshev, one of Golden Key’s 2020 Professional Development Award winners. Svetlozar graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned his BS in International Management and Marketing in 2012, and his M.B.A. from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2016. Additionally, he holds six certificates from Dale Carnegie Traning, Cornell University, the University of Massachusetts Boston and Concordia University.

“With joy and enthusiasm, I am humbled to be a winner of the prestigious GK Professional Development Award for 2020!” Svetlozar says. “Heartfelt thanks for providing me with just another fantastic opportunity to build on even more knowledge and skills, possible thanks to this scholarship.”

Svetlozar has been a Golden Key member for over a decade and is very proud to be a member.

“It has been a decade since my initiation to the society in 2010 at the University of Massachusetts in Boston,” Svetlozar shares. “Every day I have been, am, and will continue to be a proud GK member!”

Svetlozar is very grateful for every opportunity that Golden Key has provided him.

“Thus, this is the third scholarship I receive from Golden Key!” Svetlozar comments. “This is simply phenomenal! I cannot express how grateful and blessed I feel to that effect.”

Svetlozar is exceptionally dedicated to his membership with Golden Key.

“I feel that after those three prestigious accolades now under my belt, I have turned into a lifetime Golden Key Ambassador, advocate, mentor and a true-life story scholarship winner example showing how Golden Key provides such a positive influence over leaders’ academic and professional careers through all the impactful scholarships that the organization generously provides” Svetlozar mentions. “Big thanks to you!”

Svetlozar is thankful for all the support his family has provided him, even in the most trying of times.

“I have no doubt that most than anyone else, this award will be celebrated in my native town of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, by my beloved Mother, Father and Brother,” Svetlozar explains. “I miss them very much and I dedicate this award to them as they have been my tremendous support throughout the challenging global COVID-19 pandemic in the whole 2020. Thanks to my dear family!”

Additionally, Svetlozar feels grateful for the university he graduated from.

“Also, a big thank you to the University of Massachusetts, where I am an Alumni BSc and MBA,” Svetlozar adds.

Svetlozar explains that he plans to further his career development using this scholarship.

“My goal with this scholarship will be to apply the funds towards my career development, in order to benefit the people and world around me by taking a course in Sustainable Business Strategy,” Svetlozar shares. “Now my dream to take a Harvard Business School class online will come true! Golden Key has played the lift-me-up and make-me-stronger effect throughout my whole academic career. Now even after my graduation as an Alumni and member, I still continue your legacy.”

Svetlozar is proud of all his fellow Golden Key members and offers them his support.

“Please, allow me to wish everyone in Golden Key good health and prosperity, and please continue this praiseworthy mission of lifting-up others who need it and deserve it!” Svetlozar says. “Please continue to encourage all members, while by all means feel free to use my example, for them to get motivated to be pro-active, involved, connected, and committed to Golden Key’s three golden pillars – academics, leadership, and service. Every single Golden Key member around the world can make a difference. Let us all carry the GK legacy today and for the future generations.”

Thank you for being a part of the Golden Key family, Svetlozar; we wish you the best of luck on your courses at Harvard Business School!