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GK Scholarships: Chrishenda Fasse

GK Scholarships: Chrishenda Fasse

Golden Key is charmed to introduce Chrishenda Fasse, one of Golden Key’s 2020 Outstanding Member Award winners. Chrishenda earned her Bachelor’s in Human Services from Northern Kentucky University in 2010. She is currently working as an Administrative Assistant and Receptionist at the Cincinnati Educational Television. Chrishenda plans to return to NKU using her scholarship.

“I deeply appreciate this opportunity to afford the chance to return to Northern Kentucky University,” Chrishenda says. “Winning the Outstanding Member Award means a lot to me as I look forward to continuing to grow as a Mental Health and Human Services professional in my community of Northern Kentucky.”

Chrishenda has been a Golden Key member for over ten years and is still very dedicated to the mission.

“I remember becoming a lifetime Golden Key Honor Society member in 2009,” Chrishenda remarks. “This moment has meant a lot to me.”

Chrishenda is proud to be a Golden Key member and serve those in her community.

“Being a part of this organization is something I am very proud of,” Chrishenda shares. “Living the legacy of the membership is found in all the opportunities I have to provide emotional support, instill hope for people, serve the community and make a true difference. Thank you so much.”

Thank you for being a part of the Golden Key family, Chrishenda; we wish you the best of luck in your academic endeavors!