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GK Scholarships: Ana Kraljević

GK Scholarships: Ana Kraljević

Golden Key is pleased to introduce Ana Kraljević, one of Golden Key’s 2020 Outstanding Member Award winners. Ana is in her fourth year of study at Glendon College and plans to pursue her Bachelor’s of Education and potentially a Master’s after her time at Glendon.

“I am incredibly humbled by the honour of being selected as one of the Outstanding Golden Key Members of 2020,” Ana says. “To say that I was filled with absolute awe when I discovered that I was granted this award is an understatement. I am beyond grateful to the selection committee for their hard work and to everyone at the society for their great leadership and perseverance during this challenging time.”

Ana enjoys being an active member of her community and serving those around her.

“I currently serve as one of the Vice-President Academic Affairs on the Glendon College Student Union,” Ana shares. “I have held the title of President’s Ambassador twice in the last two years, and I engaged in Equal Voice’s renowned Daughters of the Vote program in March.”

Ana had the honor of working with the Civic Participation Pilot project this past summer.

“I very much enjoyed engaging in a Civic Participation Pilot project organized by Employment and Social Development Canada over the course of this past summer with other youth across Canada,” Ana explains.

Ana’s dedication to her schoolwork and community has helped her receive many awards this year.

“I have been very grateful to win a few other awards throughout the last academic year,” Ana remarks. “These include the Outstanding Contribution Award, the Thomas H.B. Symons Award in Canadian Studies, the Gladys Neilson Award in Canadian Studies and the Emerging Leader Award, all in great part thanks to my impressive community engagement and academic record at Glendon.”

Ana is very grateful for the opportunities she has had thus far.

“I remain indebted to the selection committee and everyone at the Golden Key International Society for this incredible honour,” Ana says. “Thank you very much for both your great service and commitment to fostering the three fundamental pillars that the Society advances and holds so dear.”

Thank you for being a part of the Golden Key family, Ana; we wish you the best of luck with your Bachelor’s Degree!