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Golden Key Spotlight: Rakin Hasan

Golden Key Spotlight: Rakin Hasan

Tapping into your network is a valuable tool for any working professional and Rakin Hasan is the perfect example of how rewarding networking can be.

A Golden Key Alumni, former President of the Macquarie University chapter, and currently a Senior Analyst in the Technology & Controls Team at Deloitte Australia, Rakin Hasan’s journey has been remarkable.

Rakin came from Bangladesh as an international student in 2013.

He says for international students it is difficult to tap into the employment market but with his Golden Key connections, Rakin was able to find employment.

“I went to a lot of the conferences and one of the most exciting was in 2015 at the Gold Coast. That was one of the most helpful summits, because I got my first job from it,” Rakin says.

“I met someone who was a speaker and he was working with one of the Big Four. When I graduated, I stayed in touch with all my Golden Key colleagues, and that person posted a job on LinkedIn. I messaged him, and he said he was happy to refer me.

“Through that networking at the Golden Key International Summit I got my first job. That was a testament for myself that when networking, especially if you can tap into your connections with Golden Key, you can find wonderful things for yourself.”

Staying in touch with his network, Rakin has been involved with many Golden Key initiatives. In 2020, when faced with Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions, Golden Key Asia-Pacific introduced a Webinar series. Rakin lead the initiative and presented the regions first ever GK Talk “Enacting a Beacon for Change with Rakin Hasan”.

“I’ve been a career coach for about five or six years now. I started off in University, and I wanted to help people with resumes and covers letters. I had a side gig going on,” he says.

“It was last year in the pandemic that I wanted to make it free for people.  I put up a post and started giving free career coaching sessions to people who were losing jobs, and to people who could not find jobs.”

It was during this time, Rakin became a CA speaker at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

“Over the past year and a half, every moment I could find free out of work, I would invest in helping people create their cover letter or resume, or prepare for interviews.”

“I would go to universities and talk in front of students and professionals, talking about things that were important, things that would help them directly in their job or their career.”

With all the remarkable things Rakin is doing, it is no surprise he was recently identified by Acuity Magazine as one of the Top 20 under 35 Future Leaders.

“I feel like this was something I was building up to for a long time. It helps me continue to do the things I do well, which is going in front of people and talking and motivating people.

For Golden Key members, Rakin offers the following advice.

“Learn to sell yourself. That is why a lot of the Golden Key events are so important, because that is what they teach you. Yes education is important, but we are all a story and you need to learn how to tell your story. “

“Getting the job is literally a sales pitch and you need to have to perfect that sales pitch.”

Want to learn more from Rakin Hasan? Check out his second GK Webinar here: