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Golden Key Spotlight: Dr. Eurika Mogane

Golden Key Spotlight: Dr. Eurika Mogane

Rarely in life do things go as we plan them, but the way we choose to react to those changes is what truly defines us. Dr. Eurika Mogane’s outlook on life and the challenges she has faced are exemplary of how to respond when life throws you a curveball. 

Dr. Mogane was studying at Tuks when she had to drop out due to finances, but she didn’t let this stop her and continued to believe in herself. 

“Not many people believe that I was a dropout or that I struggled a lot to be where I am today,” she says. “But then I learned that we never look like our past pains; we only resemble the gift and joy of what we have become. And that for me is an honor.”

Despite dropping out, Dr. Mogane stayed true to herself and redefined her career path, realigning herself from studying medical science to working in functional medicine. 

“I stay true to my passion for helping people no matter what platform or path I am led into,” she explains. “It’s all about discipline and faith in your gift.”

Dr. Mogane has been a member of Golden Key since 2011, an honor she prides herself on and served as a reminder of her achievements while she was out of school.

“It gave me honor,” she says. “After dropping out of varsity, I used the certificate I was given by Golden Key to show potential employers that I am keen on adding more value to any working environment. They took me more seriously when they saw it. It really helped me feel honorable even as an office cleaner. I learned to respect everyone wherever they were because we are all carrying something great in us.”

Dr. Mogane remains a very active member of Golden Key, often giving talks and interviews to encourage undergraduates to participate in a community that “empowers” them.

“To all upcoming Golden Key International Honorary Society Members, take this honor seriously,” she advises. “You do not know how important and valid your dreams are until you become part of a society like this one that reminds you of your passion and worth. Never lose heart, and please stay connected.”


If Dr. Mogane could offer her younger self advice, she would tell herself, “Don’t rush things. Figure out how you want to make use of your passion to make this world a better place, then and only then will you find your peace and have ample resources at your disposal.”