Learn to lead in times of crisis with Dr. Joshua Fredenburg

Learn to lead in times of crisis with Dr. Joshua Fredenburg

When times of crisis hit, leadership is key. But how do we lead in times of crisis and how do we create the best outcomes for ourselves and others? In his recent Golden Key Talk, founder and president of the award-winning Circle of Change Leadership Conference Dr. Fredenburg gives us the recipe for leadership in times of crisis.

“If there is any moment where we need leadership and we need people that have a desire to make an impact in the world, we are living in it right this very moment.”

In his Golden Key Talk, Dr. Fredenburg mentions how he had to step up as a leader in a time of crisis when three of his top leaders had to step down in his organization, and how he wanted to give up. It was not until his wife asked him the question “WHY do you do this?” that he had a moment of realization, and gained confidence and motivation back.

“Do not give up…find your WHY and write it down.”

Dr. Fredenburg have created a program that is focused on understanding the fundamentals of resiliency and helps leaders to overcome challenges. This program includes four questions he refers to as LEAD, which must be answered to be able to lead in a time of crisis.

  1. “Are you Leading with the right leadership style?”

Leaders must be effective in times of crisis and only certain people can lead in crisis situations. A great leadership style in a time of crisis entails:

  • Being transformational – being adaptable and lead by good example
  • Being a servant – putting others before yourself
  1. “Are you an Emotionally intelligent leader?”

Leaders must be able to read others and the situations they are in when a crisis hits, because it will determine the outcome. It is therefore important for leaders to:

  • Find their triggers and know how to control them
  • Be empathic and know how to say and do the right thing that leads to a positive result. Be a thermostat and not a thermometer: set the mood and do not just absorb the surroundings
  1. “Are you an Adaptable or Agile leader?”

Leaders must be innovative, focus on solutions, and have the ability to modify and change their methods to reach good results and in order to make the change needed in a time of crisis.

  1. “Have you Developed the right habits in times of crisis”

Leaders must have the right habits, which are repeated behaviors that enable others and oneself to create better results. It determines one’s daily decision-making and has an impact on growth and success. Right habits are therefore crucial in a time of crisis.

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This article was written for Golden Key by Julie Poulsen.